Building a Fall Protection Program

Building owners and managers must be proactive in managing the risk of a fall.  Buildings in which maintenance personnel access the building façade on a regular basis (window washing) or traverse near an exposed building edge (roofs or plazas) with no railings are exposed to a potential fall.  OSHA has regulations for building owners and managers that require them to install, certify, and maintain safety systems for those workers.  This workshop will provide the link between the day-to-day operation of facilities and the organization’s commitment to safety by helping you create a plan for OSHA compliant fall protection and façade access.
This workshop will:

  • Identify the existing hazards to personal (both in-house and subcontracted) who may be exposed
  • Review current configurations and framing systems to determine options and alternates for compliance
  • Create a strategy for creating a safe working environment
  • Provide recommendations for alternate systems to create the most efficient and cost effective alternatives
  • Create a process for long term management of the new solutions and implemented systems

The output of this workshop is a draft document that your management team can use to implement, and document, the proactive steps your organization has taken to mitigate the hazard, thus reducing your liability exposure in the event of a fall.

Cost: Our workshops are delivered at your facility at the cost of $3,000 per half-day and $5,000 per full day, plus travel expenses for the facilitator.
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