Building a Sustainable Facility Management Program

Facilities contribute a significant amount to an organization’s carbon footprint, energy, water, resource use, and well-being of the workforce. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts of the organization often speak to a commitment to sustainable efforts, but how do you translate that into facility management? This workshop will provide the link between the day-to-day operation of facilities and the organization’s CSR commitment by helping you create a plan for sustainable facility management.

This workshop will provide the following:

  • Identify the impact of existing facilities on people, the environment, and the finances of the organization, known as the triple bottom line (TBL)
  • Align the facility management strategy with the organization’s commitment to the triple bottom line and CSR efforts
  • Create a strategy for delivering sustainable facility management
  • Develop a sustainable facility management plan
  • Create a process for measuring and monitoring energy, carbon, water, resources use and workplace quality
  • Develop a change management strategy and communications plan to engage your workforce in sustainable facility management

The output of this workshop is a draft document that your management team can use to implement, measure, monitor, and improve the performance of your facility.

Cost: Our workshops are delivered at your facility at the cost of $3,000 per half-day and $5,000 per full day, plus travel expenses for the facilitator.
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