Business Continuity Awareness Week

Do you need to tell your body to breathe?  No, our bodies are programmed to prioritize its most essential functions, but our businesses are not.   In order for a business to survive disruptive events, it requires planning.  You need to know what the essential functions and business processes are that will keep your business alive during a disruptive event. What does your business need to survive? How do you convince management that you need to spend funds out of a tight budget to protect against something that may not happen? FEA can help you answer these questions.  At FEA, we help our clients achieve resilience through comprehensive planning that takes a holistic and long-term view of the threats and their individual enterprise to ensure that the business is prepared to avoid, mitigate and recover from adverse events.

Complete our 5-minute quiz to see how ready you are and we’ll provide you with your readiness score!

For more information on resilience planning, please reference the FMLink article by Stephen Clawson and Maureen Roskoski titled The Five Things You Need to Know About Business Resilience Planning, and keep an eye out for the next article on business resilience Operationalizing Resilience in Facilities coming out on FMLink this month.

Join the Business Continuity Institute’s efforts by visiting their website and joining the discussion on Twitter with the hashtag #BCAWchat!