Campus Active Shooter Webinar

With a rise in campus active shooter incidents, according to data from the U.S. Department of Education, it is critical that colleges and universities have a well-thought out response plan. Moreover, the plans must be tested to find gaps in response to ensure effectiveness.  While running live drills are important, table top exercises are a good way to walk-through a test event to evaluate your strategy.

Join Paul Timm, Vice President of FEA, for a free 1 hour Campus Security webcast on June 8th to learn what you need to have in your response plan to be prepared for an Active Shooter incident on your campus.

Paul will be running a live, virtual exercise that will cover:

• Pre-exercise coordination
• Running the live exercise
• After-action reporting
• Best practices to consider
• Value of leveraging notification system

After the presentation there will be a 15 minute Q & A. Follow this link to register.