Chris Hodges authors Chapter 5 – Sustainability and Carbon Reporting in ‘International Facility Management’


Roper_International_12.inddInnovation in the Built Environment (IBE) is a new book series for the construction industry published jointly by the Royal Institution of Charter Surveyors and Wiley-Blackwell.  It addresses issues of current research and practitioner relevance and takes an international perspective, drawing from research applications and case studies worldwide.

  • Presents the latest thinking on the processes that influence the design, construction and management of the built environment
  • Based on strong theoretical concepts and draws on both established techniques for analyzing the processes that shape the built environment – and on those from other disciplines
  • Embraces a comparative approach, allowing best practice to be put forward
  • Demonstrates the contribution that effective management of build environment processes can make

International Facility Management presents a comprehensive and diverse collection of topics that provides current, cutting edge research in the evolving field of FM. The editors here offer a holistic approach to both the study and the practice of facility management, incorporating the perspective of scholars and practitioners from across the globe.

This up-to-date compilation of topics on the maturity and changes occurring within facility management worldwide offers insights into the growth and development of FM and its impact on today’s business organisations.

Topics covered deal with the changes occurring in the field today and include key research areas for both academics and practitioners. The focus is on actual practice of FM organizations – rather than on what FM should be – and the authors examine the latest techniques, models and case studies to provide a unique exploration of the new global world of facility management.

Chapter 5 titled “Sustainability and Carbon Reporting,” evaluates the role of the facility manager in sustainability and carbon reporting. While the facility manager is typically not in the role of making organizational decisions related to overall operations, author Chris Hodges argues that in the area of sustainability, the FM professional can play an important consulting role by persuasively demonstrating the value of sustainability efforts and the impact they provide to the overall organization. A thorough review of how facilities impact carbon emissions and a global reporting methodology are covered here, as well as more general principles of sustainability and sustainability guidelines.

Chapters here cover the changing spectrum of topics including sustainability and energy conservation, and workplace transitions for greater collaboration. The international scope and emphasis on maturity and professionalism of the field further sets this book apart from its competitors.

  • Chapter 1
    Facility Management: Changing Global Viewpoints and Maturity
    Kathy O. Roper and Lisa J. Borello
  • Chapter 2
    Competencies, Credentials, Education and Training
    Robert L. Barnes
  • Chapter 3
    FM Consultancy and Client-Provider Relationships
    Kathy O. Roper
  • Chapter 4
    Globalization of Facility Management
    Kathy O. Roper
  • Chapter 5
    Sustainability and Carbon Reporting
    Chris Hodges
  • Chapter 6
    Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity
    Robert Friedman and Bob Hayes
  • Chapter 7
    Changing Workplaces and Distributing Work
    Kathy O. Roper
  • Chapter 8
    Measuring Work
    Matthew Tucker
  • Chapter 9
    Industry-Specific Needs
    Sarel Lavy and Manish Dixit
  • Chapter 10
    Evolution and the Future of Facility Management
    Kathy O. Roper

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