CNA Corporation
Sustainability & Energy Management
Alexandria, Virginia

Facility Engineering Associates (FEA) performed a sustainability assessment on the CNA building in Alexandria, Virginia. The goal of this project was to provide CNA with a statement of their current sustainable practices, benchmark them against available standards, and provide a strategy for clear and practical initiatives that they can implement to improve their sustainable practices. Our comprehensive report identified where CNA currently stands in regards to energy conservation, water efficiency, and other sustainable benchmarks and outlined a clear path for them to pursue sustainability initiatives and improve the efficiency of their operations.

In conjunction with a sustainability assessment, FEA performed an energy audit to help CNA identify opportunities for improvement in their energy management. This included the determination of the building’s ENERGY STAR score using the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Portfolio Manager. Although the building had a very low ENERGY STAR score, CAN was able to use the recommendations from FEA’s Energy Audit an implement energy conservation measures that raised their score by 10 in just one year.

Client Benefits

  • One source for sustainability and energy assessment
  • Provided a strategy and implementation path for implementing sustainability initiatives