Confidential Historic Hotel
Historic Restoration
New York, NY

In 2002, FEA was requested to evaluate portions of the façade on a 43-story historic hotel that had been constructed in the early 1930’s. The purpose of the evaluation was to determine whether portions of the brick masonry façade and parapet walls were in imminent danger of collapse. Based on our evaluation and subsequent limited design, the hotel was able to implement emergency stabilization procedures to secure the façade through the winter months. Based on our performance, FEA was retained in early 2003 to perform the complete critical façade examination as required by Local Law 11 of the New York City Building Code. The façade examinations revealed multiple areas of deterioration, including severely deteriorated supporting steel; bulging masonry at parapet walls, brick corners, cornices; distressed cast stone and terra cotta decorative elements; and distressed limestone panels. Additionally, building sealants were identified to contain asbestos. Based on our observations, FEA provided the Owner with a series of recommended time frames and budget estimates for the repairs, to allow for the continued safe use of the hotel, and to prioritize the capital expenditures to the most critical items. On an annual basis, FEA has been developing bid packages for the repair of items identified above. FEA assists the Owner in obtaining contractor bids, evaluating the bids, obtaining the required permits from the NYC Department of Buildings and the Landmark Preservation Commission. During the on-going construction, FEA performs construction monitoring and contract administration services. FEA will continue to serve as this hotel’s consultant for the foreseeable future.