Congratulations Jimmy Cressman

Jimmy CressmanJimmy Cressman has been promoted to Project Professional based on his excellent performance, initiative and ability to work directly with our clients.  In his two years with FEA working from our Fairfax office, Jimmy has shown keen analytical skills and perseverance while working on projects for the US Department of State, Smithsonian Institution, University of Connecticut, and other municipal and commercial clients.  He is the “go to” professional for conducting staffing analyses, and he has also contributed to the refinement of our fmDiagnostic’s tool while working on facility management organizational assessments.  Jimmy is always ready and willing when we ask him to go to the far corners of the globe to carry out FEA’s work in places like Brunei, India and Rwanda.  Please join in congratulating Jimmy on earning this distinction and thanking him for his continuing contributions to FEA’s growth and success!