Data Centers: Today’s Energy Hogs Webinar presentation

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How do data centers impact a Building’s Energy Usage? 

In today’s challenge of reducing operational costs in a shrinking economy, reductions in energy consumption has been a major focus for buildings across the globe.  One of the more significant energy users in a building are data centers.  The mission critical nature and the high energy density of data centers in conjunction with a higher than normal cooling load have earned them the nickname: “today’s energy hogs”.

In this FEA-U session, we provided an overview of data centers, benchmarking of energy use, as well as examples of potential energy conservation measures (ECM).

Learning Objectives

  • Understand data center metrics
  • Get to know available benchmarking tools
  • Data center assessment strategies
  • Examples of energy conservation measures

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Mayra Portalatin, SFP, LEED AP O+M | Project Manager