Developing a Roof Management Program

Typically a building’s roof is one of the largest single investments for the building owner, and one that usually doesn’t last as long as the typical manufacturer literature indicates.  Shortened life spans are typically due to poor maintenance or installation procedures.  This workshop will train your staff how to extend the service life of their roofs with limited effort.  Simple steps, regularly taken, can significantly increase the service life of your building, and thereby reduce the capital outlays required for building maintenance.
This workshop will:

  • Identify the existing roof types on your facility, and the expected service lives for each type
  • Develop a current condition for each roof type, with the expected remaining service life
  • Review strategies for extending the service lives of your roofs by determining best practice maintenance operations that are cost effective and useful based upon your roofs (not just a hypothetical situation)
  • Provide a management tool for tracking the maintenance and estimating the service life extension if regular maintenance is performed
  • Provide recommendations for major repairs or replacements if warranted
  • Create a process for long term management of the implemented practices and systems

The output of this workshop is a multi-step document that defines the existing roof systems, the recommendations for maintenance tailored to your facility, the estimated service lives of the existing roofs, and the recommendations for significant capital outlays over the next 5-10 years.  In addition, we will provide your management team with a process for future effective and efficient management of this valuable asset on your building.

Cost: Our workshops are delivered at your facility at the cost of $3,000 per half-day and $5,000 per full day, plus travel expenses for the facilitator.
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