Facility Facts

Facility Facts is an informational periodical issued quarterly by Facility Engineering Associates’ staff to share innovative techniques, case studies, trends, and general information on issues important to our clients. To receive Facility Facts, sign up here.

Below, please find previous issues (downloadable):

Emergency Planning and Staff Preparedness in Schools
Justifying a Business Resilience Plan to Executive Management
Business Resilience Snapshot: Are We Ready?
K-12 Physical Security
Instrumentation Monitoring
Business Continuity
Building the Next Generation Facilities Workforce
Roofs to Fire Walls:One Look at Supporting Higher Education
FEA Assists Higher Education in Reaching New Heights
What’s in Your Tool Box? Here are our favorite five
Success or Failure Depends on Effective FM Contract Transition Management (CTM)
2014 Year in Review
Case Study of Building Leaks and Missing Sealants as a Sign of Significant Failure
From Rotary Dial to Smart Phones: The Facility Management Industry is on the Same Trajectory
Is there a “Standard” for Rooftop Fall Protection?
GRI Reporting and the Facility Manager
Celebrating 20 years with FEA
A Practical Resource for Implementing Your Sustainable, High-Performance Vision:
ASHRAE Guideline 32:-2012: Sustainable High-Performance Operations and Maintenance
Fall Protection: Protect your Assets
Bringing Home the Gold: A Case Study of the Austin Convention Center’s pursuit of LEED Gold Certification
FEA Innovation Awards including: Energy Conservation Measures (ECM), ADF-C sustainability Plan And Documentation, Sustainability Summit/Forum, Building Envelope and Structures, Laser Scanning for Façade Consulting
Going Green: How a Leased Office Space achieved Sustainable Operations without Certification
Energy Savings from your current HVAC Systems
Facade Assessment Technology: Laser Scanning as a Diagnostic Maintenance Solution, Facade Maintenance Requirements, How Can I perform An Assessment, Laser Scanning of Buildings, The Advantage of Data Visualization, Benefits of Laser Scanning, Is Laser Scanning Worth the Cost?
Use a Consultant? Effective Repairs are Worth the Investment
Emergency Response – Hurricane Wilma
Heads in Beds, no Nightmares in the Manger’s Head
Preparing for the Elimination of T-12 Lighting
Data Centers: An Account of Data Center Metrics, Benchmarking and Assessments for Facility Managers
Are You a High-Performance Organization?
The Business Case for Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM)
Facade Inspection Ordinances: Safety is everyone’s responsibility
Planning Your Plumbing Retrofits to Meet the Needs of Your Facility
National Education Association Project Spotlight: The Road to LEED-EB Gold Certification
How ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager Can Help You Operate More Efficiently While Complying with Executive Orders
Strategize Building Facade Repairs
Maintenance Funding as a Percentage of CRV
National Education Association Project Spotlight: The Road to LEED-EB Gold Certification
How ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager Can Help You Operate More Efficiently While Complying with Executive Orders
Positioning for the Recovery, Part I: Strategic Facility Planning
Positioning for the Recovery, Part II: Developing a Maintenance Plan
The Road to Successful Pavement Maintenance
A Case Study: Curtain Wall Mock Up Testing – in China?
Commissioning vs. Energy Audits: Making the Best Choice for Your Facility?
Financial Perspectives for Green Investments, Part II
Do You Want to Become a LEED AP?
Financial Perspectives for Green Investments, Part I
The Occupancy Management Process: Organization and Communication Daylight, the Invisible Teacher
Improving Water Efficiency in Your Building
Energy-Saving Solutions for the Facility Manager
A Shining Evening Star…
The FAQ on Basic Bonds
Experiencing a Green Information Overload? Looking for a Practical Solution?
ENERGY STAR: Benchmarking Your Facility’s Energy Consumption
Mission Platinum: A Case Study of Vision Service Plan’s Pursuit of LEED-EB Platinum Certification
What Higher Education is Doing About its Carbon Footprint: American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment
Roofing: Thinking Green
Energy Audits: Identifying Your Potential
Funding for Your Community’s Future
Repair Project Safety Begins with Testing
What’s All the Fuss About Carbon?
A New Perspective on Parking Garage Repair
An Introduction to Commissioning
It’s Just Not as Simple as a Headcount!
FCAs: Good, Fast, and Cheap?
Case Study: Air Force Reserve Command Roof Asset Management Program
Emergency Response – Hurricane Wilma
A Little Maintenance Can Go a Long Way
Plaza Deck Waterproofing: Out-of-Sight, Out-of-Mind?
A Case Study: Residential Development in Abandoned Mine Areas
Environmental Site Assessments: Understanding the New AAI Rule and ASTM Standards
Placing Your Performance in Context: Using the Level of Service and the Balanced Scorecard to Tell the Facilities’ Story
Recommended Approach: Evaluating Energy Cost-Savings Opportunities
Condition Assessment of a Different Nature
Use a Consultant? Effective Repairs Are Worth the Investment
Greening Your Existing Buildings
Construction Administration- Part II The Consultant’s Role
Management Practice to Control Differential Foundation Movement
FEA Leads the Way with State-of-the-Art Instrumentation and Monitoring Services
Construction Administration- Part I: The Owner’s Role
Strategies of Indetifying Roof System Components to Reduce Costs
Building the Business Case for Facility Capital Investment
Implementing A Cost Effective Fall Protection System: A Case Study
Operating Green: Understanding the Importance of Total Cost of Ownership When Designing Green!
Condition Assesments- The Next Generation Precentive Measures to Avoid Heating System Corrosion
Proactive Methods for Reducing Floor Moisture Problems Recognizing Pavement Deterioration and What You Can Do About It
Why Do Buildings Leak? FEA Project Managers Share THeir Most Memorable Hospitality Project Experiences
Roof Watch: New Methods for Protecting Your Roof During Heavy Snow Periods
Beware! Don’t Fall Victim to These Facility Nightmares Interoperability: Simplifying Your Building’s Technology
Suspended Platforms- A Complete Plan is Critical Geophysical Tools for Investigating Old Mine Sites
Complying with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Updates Low-Slope Roof Snow Load Evaluations
Understand and Evaluating EIFS Maximizing the Life of Your Parking Garage
Meeting the Future Challenges of Facility Automation Asbestos, Lead, Mold… What’s Next? Maybe it’s MIC