FEA at Leading by Learning Conference

Paul Timm and Randy Braverman will be speaking at this year’s Leading by Learning Joint Annual Conference to be held between November 17th and 19th in Chicago, Illinois.

Randy will be presenting on: “Best Practices in School Safety”.  It will cover best practices on emergency procedures, drills, and collaboration between school district and local emergency responders.

You can see Paul on two occasions throughout the conference. First, he’ll be a panelist in “Improving Security After Hours” where they’ll cover:

  • How to improve security before and after school hours.
  • Difficulties schools face in extended-hour programs.
  • Hhow to implement security measures and strengthen emergency preparedness.

Then he’ll be a panelist in “School Safety: Preparing for the Unexpected”, where they’ll cover safety and security assessment development of emergency preparedness plans, and active intruder response protocol.

For more details about the conference visit: http://conference.iasb.com/about.cfm