GSA Schedule

FEA offers consulting and engineering services under various GSA schedules both to facilities professionals and also to government leaders and managers. FEA was founded to provide consulting and project management services to those who work in the built environment. FEA’s technical staff of engineers and scientists has the knowledge and expertise to understand the unique needs of existing facilities and infrastructure. For over 20 years, FEA has provided government, commercial, and institutional facility managers with the solutions they need to maximize the life of their facilities and infrastructure. Faced with the challenges inherent in maintaining existing structures, facility managers turn to FEA for assistance in re-engineering business processes, strategic and capital planning, and maintenance management, which are all focused on efficient use and life cycle extension of buildings and building systems.

Facility professionals have trusted FEA to:

  • Perform energy audits and prepare sustainability plans
  • Acquire and deploy software systems such as Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) systems; Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) and Project Management systems
  • Assess condition of facilities
  • Assess organizational effectiveness and labor needs

FEA offers proven excellence in consulting and training in core leadership skills, providing courses in Workplace Innovation, Strategic Planning, Leadership and Management, and Organizational Assessment. We consult with agencies to formulate and deploy effective strategies, design optimal processes, and train people who can commit to the strategies and be partners in implementing the processes. We help leaders simplify the systems they are responsible for and tame the complexity that often face them.

Project Profiles

GSA Contract #: GS-10F-0514N
Contract Period: August 29, 2003 – August 28, 2023
Contact: Maureen Roskoski,, 703.591.4855

FEA offers services to government facility professionals under the Professional Services schedule.

GSA Contract #: GS-21F-0107V
Contract Period: July 20, 2019 – July 19, 2024
Contact:, 703.591.4855
FEA offers services under the followings SINs on the 03FAC Facilities Maintenance and Management schedule (including energy management services):

  • 003 97    Ancillary Repairs and Alterations
  • 871 100 Ancillary Supplies and/or Services, Relating to Energy Management, Water Conservation and Support Services
  • 871 211 Energy Consulting Services
  • 811 006 Facilities Maintenance and Management Consulting
  • 871 202 Energy Management Planning and Strategies
  • 871 203 Training on Energy Management
  • 871 204 Metering Services
  • 871 205 Energy Program Support Services
  • 871 206 Building Commissioning Services
  • 871 207 Energy Audit Services
  • 871 208 Resource Efficiency Management (REM)
  • 871 209 Innovations in Energy
  • 871 210 Water Conservation