High Performance As A Goal: Achieving Excellence in Facilities Management

High Performance as a GoalThe content of this book was conceived by professionals who questioned the norm and truly wanted to change the way facility managers evaluate the effectiveness of their organizations and make them better. The goal was to develop an approach that asks the right hard questions that would lead them to answers to help achieve true operational excellence in Facility Management (FM). Most importantly, this approach to facility management organization evaluation and improvement has been developed over the past three decades by drawing on experiences working with hundreds of professionals in the FM industry across the U.S. and abroad. The approach to resolve challenges through relevant solutions shared in this book have been drawn from some of the best facility managers within government agencies, colleges and universities, public school systems, healthcare organizations, cultural facilities, airports, research institutions and corporate facility organizations. Additionally, incorporated within is experience gained through consulting engagements, operating and maintaining facilities, as well as years of researching and teaching facility management competencies. This book explores many best practices in facility management and provides a self-assessment approach to evaluate the capabilities and the process maturity level of a facility management (FM) organization. The bottom line is to help facility managers create high-performance organizations that provide world-class services and best enable the mission of their parent organization.

Jim Whittaker and Teena Shouse are excited to offer their new book on understanding and achieving excellence in the Facilities Management (FM) environment, “High Performance As A Goal: Achieving Excellence in Facilities Management”.  Jim and Teena bring a wealth of combined knowledge from their years of experience in the FM world; offering solutions and guidelines for some of the most challenging issues facing FM today.  Their recently published book offers insight and advice on leading trends in the industry from the best minds in the facilities management world, along with simple, effective steps to help FM professionals achieve a high performance facilities organization.

Jim Whittaker is the President/CEO of Facility Engineering Associates, and is a well-known leader in the Facilities Management industry and leading member in such prestigious institutions as the International Facility Management Association (IFMA), Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers (APPA), National Academies of Sciences, and various others.  His many talents and strengths include a background in international consulting; facilities asset management; FM technologies research; and education and training. Jim has managed FM implementation and organization projects for a wide range of clients, including universities, government agencies, and commercial facilities, while continually promoting best practices for the industry on both a national and international level.

Teena Shouse is Vice President and Board Member of Facility Engineering Associates, and is a passionate advocate promoting the best in FM practices throughout the world.  Teena’s multiple strengths in business, facility management, and teaching have led to high demand for her skills on the world stage as a speaker, writer, and thought leader in the industry.  Having sat on the Board of both IFMA and Global FM, Teena continually promotes innovate thoughts and practices in the FM industry and continues to share her knowledge for the advancement of facilities management as a whole.  Teena brings experience from private industry, education, and governmental agencies to combine the best qualities in the FM world today.