Implementing Effective Performance Based Contracts

Performance Based Contracts (PBC) reduce maintenance costs through the application of more effective and efficient technologies and work procedures, improve control and enforce quality standards, however they do not include detailed specifications or process descriptions to give the contractor operational flexibility.  PBC encourages contractor buy-in and shared interests, requires less frequent and more meaningful surveillance and allows for measurement of metrics.

Performance based contracting is also called outcome based contracting because the specification focuses on outcomes not inputs; results of the contractor’s work not on the work itself; the cleanliness of the restroom not how it was cleaned.  Performance specifications set quality-related targets that allow the service provider some flexibility in determining the most appropriate response.  As an owner you really don’t care about how a contractor performs a task but you do care about the outcome.  (i.e.  you don’t care about how the grass was watered and cut, but just how the grass looks)

This workshop will provide insight about how to:

  • Increase the quality of the services you are receiving through your service contracts while decreasing costs
  • Measure the quality of services
  • Increase contractor buy-in
  • Manage customer expectations and communications


The output of this workshop is an understanding of the difference between performance based and prescriptive contracts and the advantages and challenges to performance based service contracting and a repeatable methodology for writing and administrating performance based service contracts.

Cost: Our workshops are delivered at your facility at the cost of $3,000 per half-day and $5,000 per full day, plus travel expenses for the facilitator.
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