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FEA employees are highly qualified and motivated individuals with extensive experience. We understand the importance of sharing knowledge.  As a result, articles and papers authored by our staff often appear in magazines, journals, and other publications. FEA’s personnel are also qualified instructors and trainers of facilities management, engineering, energy management, sustainability and other areas of our practice. We find great reward in providing adult learning opportunities for facilities related organizations and individuals.  Part of our core values as a company is to give back to the community through education and professional development.

Quarterly Newsletters – Facility Facts


Strategy Workshops

Statement of Qualifications (SOQs)

  • Understanding the Four E’s of Sustainability (NFMT Vegas)
  • Advance your Career & Improve LEED Building Performance (Greenbuild)
  • Business Resilience: Equipping the FM for Success (IFMA WWP)
  • FM Standards: The Business Case for Compliance & ISO Management System Standards for FM (IFMA WWP)
  • Advancing the FM Workforce: Building Momentum with the FBPTA Tools (IFMA WWP)
  • Managing Risk and Being Prepared – Demonstrating the Strategic and Practical Value of Facility Management (IFMA WWP)
  • The Path to Reliability Centered Maintenance, How GSA Is Making the Change (IFMA WWP)
  • The Energy Program Tricycle: Which Wheel Should You Put in Front? (ISAM)
  • Complexity of Compliance with Standards and Regulations (Facility Fusion)
  • How Sustainable is Your Organization?  Measuring Sustainability at all Levels of the Organization (Facility Fusion)
  • Custom Building a BCM Program using ISO 22031 (Association of Contingency Planners)
  • FM trends in the U.S: Current Outlook for an Evolving Workplace (CCIFMA)
  • Building Re-Tuning: The Two Day Return on Investment (CCIFMA)
  • Big Data to Benchmarking: Enjoy the Journey (NFMT Orlando)
  • Facility Management Reporting: The Value of Metrics & KPIs (NFMT Orlando)
  • Make FM Count (IFMA WWP)
  • Facility Management ISO Management System Standard (IFMA WWP)
  • Facility Management Reporting in Facilities:  The Value of Metrics & KPIs (IFMA WWP)
  • Building a High-performance Team Using Proven Resources (IFMA WWP)
  • Taking On Business Continuity: One Company’s Journey to ISO 22301 Certification (IFMA WWP)
  • Performance-based Service Contracting, Partnering & Monitoring: Make Contracting a Success, Not a Burden (IFMA WWP)
  • The Essence of FM High Performance Leadership (IFMA Wichita chapter – July 2015)
  • Building a High-Performance Team (NFM&T Ft Worth)
  • Crafting the Facility Management Message: Melding Metrics and Meaning  (Facility Fusion)
  • Understanding the Role of Emissions in Facility Management (Facility Fusion)
  • Private Industry Need + Government Mandate + Consultant Expertise=Integrated Talent Development Program (Facility Fusion)
  • ISO 22301 BCMS Standards (Facility Fusion)
  • Building Re-Tuning: The Two Day ROI (Facility Fusion)
  • Managing the Building Life Cycle with Sustainable Facility Management (IFMA World WorkPlace)
  • Benchmarking…it is much more than just a bunch of numbers! (IFMA World WorkPlace)
  • The Art of Telling Your Story (IFMA World WorkPlace)
  • Building Solid Strategic Alliances (New York and New Jersey Regional Real Estate Forum)
  • Education and Training for Continued High Performance (Federal Real Property Association)
  • Energy Benchmarking in Facility Management – Using the Right Tools (IFMA World Workplace)
  • GSA Sustainability Plan
  • IFMA’s How To Guide Highlight – Getting Started on the Path to Sustainable Facility Management (IFMA World Workplace)
  • Success in FM…the Necessary Ingredients (IFMA Capital Chapter Credentials Annual Meeting)
  • Sustainability & LEED (ASCE Younger Member Group)
  • Sustainable Sustainability
  • VSP Vision Care Case Study


FEA-U Presentations

If you are interested in the FEA-U presentations please contact us at

  • Building Re-tuning Part II
  • Building Re-tuning Part I
  • The Future FM Workforce – Competency Models
  • Hazardous Materials in Buildings
  • Increase Quality & Decrease Costs by Utilizing Performance Based Service Contracts
  • Energy Star Update
  • Reserve Studies
  • Tips for Successful use of FM Technology:  From Strategy to Implementation
  • The Hidden Impacts of Water Conservation
  • Energy Star Portfolio Manager Changes: What you need to know
  • High Performance as the Goal
  • DC Energy Benchmarking: It’s Official!
  • 3D Laser Scanning – a case study in Retrofit Masonry Ties
  • Water Management in Buildings – a Strategic Approach for Facility Managers
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Data Centers, Today’s Energy Hogs
  • Fall Protection
  • Performance Based Contracting
  • Performance Based Contracting II