Operating your MSS

This is the fourth in a five-part series breaking down the¬†International Organization for Standardization (ISO) management system certification process. In this installment, Maureen Roskoski focuses on implementation of your management system standard (MSS).¬† That is, in the “Plan, Do, Check, Act cycle”, the Do phase, or what the ISO process refers to as Clause 8:Operation of the MSS.

“With operation, we arrive at the heart of each standard. This is where you implement procedures, processes and perform actions in support of your MSS. Clause 8 contains a consistent 8.1 Operational planning and control across all MSS areas. Each MSS requires that we plan, implement and control the processes needed to meet our specific MSS requirements.”

To continue reading, visit the FMJ September/October 2017 publication (page 62).