Reserve Study Questionnaire

Type of Association:
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Property Information:

Site Improvements Included:

Please check yes or no (include in study or not):
Private Streets? YesNo Storm Water Drainage? YesNo Sidewalks? YesNo
Parking Areas? YesNo Curbs & Gutters? YesNo Retaining Walls? YesNo
Fences? YesNo Entrance Signs? YesNo Street Signs? YesNo
Street Lighting? YesNo Swimming Pools? Spa? YesNo
Gate House? YesNo Site Irrigation System? YesNo Tennis Courts? YesNo
Pool House? YesNo Playgrounds/Tot Lots?

Exteriors Included:

Building Envelope (What type of material?):
Type of Roof?
Please check yes or no (include in study or not):
Balconies? YesNo Building Lighting? YesNo Exterior Doors? YesNo
Sliding Glass Doors? YesNo Windows? YesNo

Interiors Included:

Please check yes or no (include in study or not):
Lobby? YesNo Community Rooms? YesNo Fitness Center? YesNo
Carpet? YesNo Wallcovering? YesNo Furnishings? YesNo
Unit Doors? YesNo Lighting? YesNo Mailboxes? YesNo
Elevators? Fire Alarm Systems? YesNo Office Equipment? YesNo
Laundry Equipment? YesNo Parking Garage? YesNo Access Entry System? YesNo
Security Cameras? YesNo

Mechanical Equipment (quantity):

Comments or Specific Problems

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