Sustainability Consulting

Many building and property managers today are being asked: “What are we doing in our buildings to be more sustainable?” FEA can assist our clients in answering that question through a number of Sustainable Building Services. Whether it is determining your current status towards being more sustainable, how you can save money in your building’s operations by being more energy efficient, or taking you through a building rating system certification, FEA’s team will work with you to achieve your sustainability goals. We work with facility managers to provide further education on sustainable facility management and operations.

FEA, in partnership with the IFMA Foundation, has released a “How-To Guide” entitled Getting Started (with Sustainability). The guide was created to assist facility managers with a step-by-step process for assessing an organization, finding a starting point, identifying initiatives, evaluating their value, and implementing, measuring, and monitoring their effectiveness. To read more and download the guides for FREE, click on the PDF link below.

Getting Started with Sustainability “How-To-Guide”

Sustainability Strategy

A successful sustainability policy aligns the operation of facilities with the organization’s commitment to sustainability.  At FEA, we work with our clients to develop sound strategies that:

  • Minimize the impact of existing facilities on the environment
  • Fit with the organization’s strategy and commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Stays within the operational budget

Our strategy team works with clients to create comprehensive Energy and Sustainability Policies that are in sync with the best practices of the industry.

Sustainability Assessments

How sustainable are you? FEA can help you figure out how you measure up to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) or Green Globes. Our audits assess sustainability initiatives and provide tailored recommendations that balance feasibility, practicality, cost, return on investment, and impact to the triple bottom line.

Certification Consulting

Our team is intimately familiar with the various LEED rating systems, having worked on projects with the New Construction (NC), Commercial Interiors (CI), and Existing Buildings (EB) rating systems. We have worked with facility managers and owners desiring certification as well as with the contractors and engineers designing and implementing LEED requirements. We have successfully achieved LEED certification for several clients and can show you how to go green and stay out of the red. Our team brings not only the knowledge of the rating system, but also building systems, energy management, and facility operations.

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