Facility Asset Management

Increased demand for services, shrinking budgets and workforces, rising operating facility-managementcosts, and aging infrastructure all combine to continually challenge facility managers. Are you making decisions that will result in the best long-term use of your resources? Are you able to make a successful business case by using available data to justify needed funding for your facilities? As asset management specialists, FEA takes a comprehensive look at facility systems and provides a total cost of ownership perspective on operating efficiencies and best practices. We specialize in operational excellence in facilities management and review millions of square feet annually. Sometimes the process starts with a visioning session to explore where your current operations are and where you want them to be. After completing a comprehensive collection and assessment of data, collectively we will determine what can be done to improve operations.

FEA carefully measures a facility management organization’s current position against stated goals and combines current industry benchmarks to suggest improvements that are unique to that organization’s needs and building infrastructure. FEA develops long-term client relationships as we provide the tools to ensure that an organization can continue to be successful long after we conclude our services. FEA helps our facility management clients to:

  • Link FM strategies to corporate business initiatives
  • Understand facility systems, capital costs, and budgets
  • Determine the condition of facilities and deferred maintenance backlogs
  • Build an operational strategy linked to the corporate mission, vision and strategy
  • Identify appropriate recurring maintenance and capital replacement needs
  • Prioritize facility needs to achieve optimum operations within budget parameters
  • Create appropriate levels of O&M services based on your organization’s goals using reliable benchmarks
  • Properly allocate funds and resources for discovered efficiency improvements
  • Create a staffing or contracting plan that is in line with all of the above