Due Diligence Evaluations

FEA provides due diligence evaluations related to property transactions for numerous clients.  The evaluations include an assessment of the physical building features and components, and can also include items such as net rentable area calculations, zoning issues, and other non-traditional services. FEA’s diversified service offerings allow our clients to obtain all required disciplines from one firm, thereby streamlining the purchase process during the due diligence period.

The primary purpose of these evaluations is to identify visually apparent deficiencies in the building, structure, and site as requested by our clients. The evaluations include a site visit to observe the building and site systems, interviews of building management and maintenance personnel, and review of available maintenance records, design and construction documents.

FEA’s evaluations often identify hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars in recommended or critical repairs and replacements at the assessed properties. This gives the buyer confidence a thorough assessment of all systems was completed by professionals who understand their business.

With FEA’s breadth of expertise, we often aid our clients after the purchase by providing repair and restoration services and construction administration for facility renovations. Because we can stand behind our evaluation recommendations with follow-on services, many clients recognize the value of our in-depth evaluations using our team approach. We have specific focus for all building disciplines, and do not offer generalist evaluations.

We understand that many due diligence periods are short-term for the purchase of a facility.   Providing complete and necessary information in a timely manner for sales negotiations is our upmost priority.