Facility Condition Assessments & Capital Planning

FEA provides an array of services to assist building owners, managers, and tenants manage their facilities more efficiently. Our services range from management and technology consulting services to condition assessments, real estate due diligence evaluations, asset management services, and capital needs analyses. Our staff is composed of experienced facility managers, facility management consultants, and engineers.

FEA can help you:

  • Organize and operate your facilities organization more efficiently
  • Successfully implement Facility Management technologies (ie. CMMS/CAFM, Project Management, and Asset Management solutions)
  • Leverage your investment in technology and process evaluation to collect the data you need to justify your budgets and obtain funding
  • Assess and plan for capital replacement/renewal needs over the total life cycle of your facilities
  • Inspect and identify deficiencies, code compliance issues, environmental concerns, and deferred maintenance in your facilities
  • Perform buyer Due Diligence evaluations
  • Inventory equipment and systems and design optimum maintenance programs for them
  • Develop and implement Sustainability policies
  • Sustainability Services and Energy Management

Facility management to make your building last a lifetime. We work with clients ranging from commercial real estate to homeowners associations and residential property managers; federal, state, and local government agencies; schools and universities both private and public; and specialized facilities like airports and research laboratories.

Whatever your facility needs, FEA can help you achieve your objectives!