Operations & Maintenance Process Improvement

How does an organization improve operations and maintenance process efficiency and reliability? That is the question that many facility mangers face in today’s economy. FEA has a proven track record to provide the services to help streamline your organization’s O&M procedures.

FEA will use a systematic approach to work with your organization in development of operations and maintenance process improvements.  We will focus on coordinating the ongoing actions and programs of your organization for greater efficiencies and effectiveness. The intent is to provide an improved view of the total cost of facilities ownership and to standardize O&M operations and levels of service across your organization.

FEA will achieve this by documenting your existing O&M process by performing staff interviews and documenting policies and procedures. Processes for areas such as PMs, PT&I, capital planning, and facility assessments will be reviewed to integrate their procedures and results. We will help to connect O&M and capital planning issues by linking previously developed key performance indicators (KPIs) to capital plans, and by incorporating KPIs into your Balanced Scorecard. The information is consolidated and summarized in a manual formant that can be used for implementing uniform operations and trainings. Utilizing the results of completed organizational studies and analyses FEA will work with your organization to tie elements of current maintenance practices together into a cohesive program. If desired FEA can provide staff training to get your organization running like a well tuned machine.

Not only do we practice these services on a daily basis, but we have developed best practices in the O&M of facilities and teach these practices for the International Facility Management Association (IFMA), the Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers (APPA), and in George Mason University’s (GMU) FM program.

Client Benefits

  • Align organizational focus on a consistent O&M approach
  • Collaborative effort to achieve best practices
  • Improved maintenance practices and coordination
  • Improved communication among stakeholders
  • Better coordination between actual O&M needs and capital planning initiatives
  • Document existing processes and identify areas for improvement in O&M
  • Consolidate information from interviewing staff, documenting policies and procedures, and summarizing information in a manual formant that can be used for implementing uniform operations and trainings

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