Organizational Assessment (e.g. fmDiagnostics)

Are you leading a high-performance facility management organization? Do you want to provide world-class facilities service? Can you prove to your customers and stakeholders that you are optimally planning, operating and maintaining your facilities with an adequately staffed, skilled and organized workforce?

To achieve a high-performance building we modify and upgrade building systems to improve efficiency and save money.  FEA believes we should provide the same dedicated focus to evaluating and enhancing the organizations/people responsible for operating and maintaining these systems. We need to periodically examine the processes, functional relationships, tools and overall organization to achieve a positive payback on the investment of time, energy and resources.

FEA can assist you in your pursuit of becoming a High-Performance organization delivering world-class service. We have developed a systematic FM organizational assessment approach that provides realistic solutions specific to your organization based on decades of experience. Our approach incorporates core competencies and best practices from IFMA, APPA, and the Federal Facilities Council (FFC) into a Baldridge framework for organizational excellence. Our management evaluation and process recommendations have been developed in partnership with hundreds of FM organizations and are the foundation for several facilities efficiency improvements and cost savings/strategies.

Our services include:

  • Assessing Facility Management organizations using a comprehensive organization and process evaluation system – fmDiagnostics™
  • Evaluating staff resources needed to efficiently maintain and operate assets at predetermined levels of service (including maintenance, custodial & grounds)
  • Developing recommendations to enhance efficiency through process and technology improvements that will deliver a substantial and measurable return on investment

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