Performance Measurements, KPI, & Benchmarking

How do you create a high-performance or a World-Class facilities organization? It starts with defining World Class; then establishing the key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure success.

Every organization has to know where it is, where it is going, and how it is going to measure progress. To achieve this one must have a baseline documenting where it is; a goal establishing where it is going and performance measuring providing real-time measurements of their progress towards getting there. Some organizations try to measure too much, or track the wrong metrics. Others have no performance measures at all. The bottom line is that most FM organizations cannot adequately tell the story of their achievements and measure performance improvement.

In order to assess its successes, or to plot and correct its course, facilities leaders need a proper set of performance measures. We have found that the best facilities management organizations have tremendous focus.

They develop KPIs aligned with the organizations strategy and FM strategic plan. We can help achieve this focus and alignment by establishing specific objectives and corresponding measures that drive strategy-specific actions. We have developed a database of over 300 facility-specific metrics and performance reports supported by a number of CMMS/CAFM/IWMS.  All of these possible metrics have been built into a balanced scorecard framework that includes four perspectives: customer focus, employee development, process improvement, and financial.  FEA’s balanced scorecard enables the right focus on valid measures that can be connected and integrated into the FM workflow:

  1. Focus – Many facilities identify too many metrics. We focus on what is essential for success, not what is easy to measure.
  2. Validity – FEA evaluates and measures specifics, not intangibles like values, teamwork, partnerships, etc. and focuses on validating outcomes not inputs.
  3. Connectivity – FEA uses measures that connect managers/leaders to their scorecard in ways that they can understand and influence.
  4. Integration – The balanced scorecard must be integrated, not only into their FM technology, but into the ISD’s performance management practices, or they will not change employee behavior.

FEA can help you establish the right mix of FM performance measures that will adequately tell your story, recognize achievements and identify areas of potential improvement.

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