Strategic Facility Planning/FM Master Plans

Strategic Facility Planning is a dynamic process of reviewing each element of your real estate portfolio and the associated facility management operations. It is the foundation upon which to create scenarios and develop potential solutions that will sustain your organization and help it thrive. It begins with a clear understanding of the company’s vision of the future, mission, and values. You and your organization must deliberately evaluate the lease/purchase options, explore space management alternatives, as well as consider support service enhancements within the Strategic Facility Planning process.

FEA can objectively assist you in exploring the possibilities, estimate the associated risks and create an effective communication plan to initiate any associated changes as a result of the planning process. This process could involve benchmarking best practices for like organizations, gathering historical internal data and evaluating the criticality of each possible project or process change. It will be critical for us to gather all stakeholders and carefully listen to gain a good understanding of your company’s global perspective and desired outcomes. Upfront investment in proper facility planning can provide a high yield return.