Contract Administration & Construction Monitoring

The success of any construction project is dependent on realistic contractor pricing, quality control monitoring of the construction work, and effective administration of the construction contract. FEA professionals routinely provide construction bidding, monitoring and administration services for our project designs. We develop effective communication links between the owner, construction contractor and the project design to effectively address project needs to maintain the project schedule and budget. The level of FEA involvement and effort is dependent on the complexity of the project work and capabilities of the owner’s project representatives. We modify our level of involvement during contractor operations to provide out client with the level of service desired in the following:

  • Solicitation of Contractor Pricing
  • Pre-Construction Organization Meeting
  • Review of Contractor Pre- and Post-job Submittals
  • Processing Work and Contract Change Orders
  • Construction Work Observations and Documentation
  • Construction Pay Application Review and Approval
  • Completed Work Review and Documentation