Building Facade Systems

Your building facade makes a statement about your facility–whether you like it or not. As buildings age, exterior wall components deteriorate and can lead to symptoms such as water infiltration on the interior of the building or staining on the exterior; in extreme cases, deterioration of the exterior components may be severe enough to endanger passersby. Whether you’re tracking down window leaks, performing routine preventative maintenance, or even considering a re-cladding project, our evaluations are tailored to the degree required by your project, and may vary from an intensive survey and overhead-hazard removal covering entire facade from swing staging provided by a restoration contractor to more informal street-level observations or spray testing at isolated areas of concern. FEA can coordinate the creation of investigative openings, when required, and use the knowledge gained at these locations to develop repairs that will last.

Our reports provide an opinion of cost for the recommended repairs, often with multiple options showing cost comparisons for the most reasonable solutions. Once the repair project scope of work is established, FEA can assist with contract administration and construction monitoring to ensure that expectations are met.