Sustainable Facility Management: The Facility Manager’s Guide to Optimizing Building Performance

Front_Cover_v3Sustainable Facility Management: The Facility Manager’s Guide to Optimizing Building Performance is the latest book by Chris Hodges and Mark Sekula offering a comprehensive and fresh approach to current sustainability trends and practices in the built environment.  The book contains lots of valuable information about sustainable facility management.

The book is organized in the following way:
Chapter 1: Sustainable Facility Management – The Facility Manager’s Perspective 10
Chapter 2: A (Very) Short History of Sustainability
Chapter 3: Sustainable Facility Management and High Performance
Chapter 4: Sustainable Facility Management and the Facility Manager
Chapter 5: The Benefits of Developing a Sustainable Facility Management Program
Chapter 6: Alignment with Organizational Strategy
Chapter 7:  Developing the Strategy
Chapter 8: The Sustainable Facility Management Team
Chapter 9: Measuring Building Performance – Energy, Carbon, Water, and Waste
Chapter 10: Managing the Supply Chain in Sustainable and High-Performance Facilities
Chapter 11: Making the Business Case – Financial and Life-Cycle Tools for Sustainable Initiatives
Chapter 12: Performance Management for Sustainable Facility Management– the Sustainability Scorecard
Chapter 13: Communication Planning and Reporting
Chapter 14: Change Management

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“Facility management is evolving rapidly and sustainability within facility management is a key component to today’s management of the built environment.” Kathy O. Roper, CFM, MCR, LEED AP, IFMA Fellow, Associate Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology

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