Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
Term Contract Consulting Services
Blacksburg, Virginia

Since 1998, Facility Engineering Associates (FEA) has provided consulting services to Virginia Tech under three different term contracts. Consulting services have been provided at numerous Tech facilities throughout the Commonwealth. FEA has provided construction materials and structural consulting services at over 20 different facilities, with most of the work performed at the Main Campus in Blacksburg, VA.

FEA assessed the condition of roofs at seven buildings in the Upper Quad of the Main Campus. The conditions of the existing roofs were documented based on visual observations. Based on existing conditions, roof type and age, existing slope, and leak history, a 10-year capital expenditure forecast was developed.

FEA has prepared plans and specifications for roof system replacement at ten buildings at the Main Campus to-date, and has performed construction phase services including full-time on-site construction monitoring during the roof replacement at nine buildings. The designs are prepared in accordance with the guidelines established by the Commonwealth of Virginia as outlined in the Commonwealth of Virginia Construction and Professional Services Manual.

Scope Items

  • Roof system assessment including visual observations, insulation, sampling, and moisture surveys
  • 10-year budget for roofs at Upper Quad
  • Roof system design and bidding assistance
  • Full-time construction monitoring during roof replacement
  • Structural assessment of various materials including concrete, steel, and timber
  • Work performed in accordance with Commonwealth of Virginia guidelines