Workforce Development in Achieving Operational Excellence

The Facility Manager plays a significant role in achieving operational excellence and optimizing building efficiency.  In many cases, significant reductions in workforce and facilities budgets have resulted in a facility management workforce whose skills are not aligned with new technologies or business practices, particularly related to optimizing operational efficiency.  A qualified workforce is essential to optimizing building performance.  Research from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory showed the potential for up to $2 billion in federal operational savings through a well-educated workforce by providing appropriate training to those who operate buildings.  How do we determine the right training to build our workforce?  We must start with a workforce development plan built from core competencies needed for key positions in facilities management.  What knowledge, skills, and attributes are needed for those key positions?  We will help you define those competencies and build a competency model to support a comprehensive training plan to build a better workforce.

This workshop will help to lay the foundation to:

  • Defining the knowledge, skills, and abilities for the key positions in your organization
  • Defining core competencies for the key positions in your organization
  • Creating a competency model for your industry or areas of expertise
  • Developing a training program that supports the core competencies
  • Creating a process to incorporate the core competencies and training into employee individual development plans

The output of this workshop is a list of core competencies for the key positions in your organization and a training plan to support those core competencies that your team can use to implement, measure and monitor, and improve your facility’s performance.

Cost: Our workshops are delivered at your facility at the cost of $3,000 per half-day and $5,000 per full day, plus travel expenses for the facilitator.
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